"Dr. Anderson and his team provide excellent and highly professional service that is also warm and friendly.  But what makes his dental practice stand apart is Dr. Anderson's superior training and his (and his team's) ability to make one feel calm and comfortable during the root canal procedure itself.  Unlike other dentists, Dr. Anderson listens to his patients, responds to questions with care, and explains procedures in detail.  Dr. Anderson also always follows up with a phone call after each procedure to ensure the patient is fine and to ensure that he has answered any questions the patient may have.  And, perhaps most importantly, the quality of his work (in my experience) has been superior.  I've recommended Dr. Anderson to my family and friends and will continue to do so."

R. Flores
West Hollywood, CA

"I went to Dr. Anderson when I needed a root canal on another tooth. Unlike the previous "doctor", I was not bombarded with upselling of services or products. I could tell Dr. Anderson's only interest was to treat my tooth, which he did using a microscope (not just magnifying eye glasses) with great precision and no pain beyond the shot. After the treatment, he then called to check up on me and also called my dentist to make sure nothing was lost in translation."

"I don't mind saying that at 60, I was a little nervous.  Never had a root canal and never heard anything good about it.  It didn't help that I had an infection on top of it.  As nice as the office personnel were, I was still quite nervous when I sat down in the chair.   They were reassuring, but that wasn't going to help my apprehension.  Once the doctor got started, I had nothing but respect and admiration.  I actually dozed off for a moment or two in the chair.  I went to work afterward and never missed a beat nor did I have any residual pain.  As great as a root canal could ever be, this was great!  As I said, I have nothing but respect and admiration for Dr. Anderson and his nurses and office staff. " 

D. Tongue
Los Angeles, CA

" I have been referred to Dr. Anderson twice for root canal work, and I have to say that never once did I experience any pain or discomfort, even the injections were painless! It was such a relief! All the staff are so kind and courteous, and doctor himself, well, what a gentleman he is!! I can highly recommend them! "

K. Owens
Los Angeles, CA

"While preparing four teeth for crown therapy, my dentist discovered the possible need for a root canal and referred me to Dr. Anderson.  The possibility of losing the tooth necessitated a fast intervention.  Dr. Anderson's office scheduled the appointment for December 20, 2012, less than 48 hours following the initial referral.  Dr. Anderson's staff was friendly, yet professional.  Dr. Anderson explained what a root canal is, why I was being referred, and the importance of early intervention to avoid loss of the tooth.  Although my dentist provided Dr. Anderson with x-rays, Dr. Anderson took his own x-rays to verify the pathology and the intervention needed.  During the procedure he explained each step, and continuously checked in with me about my comfort level.  His particular method for applying the local anesthetic was not painful; in fact, it was just a sensation.  This is remarkable considering the roof of my mouth is more sensitive than the gum area on the outside of my teeth.  During the procedure there was no pain whatsoever.  After the procedure, he answered all my questions and scheduled a follow-up appointment.  He also told me another tooth seemed suspicious to him and scheduled a six-month follow-up appointment.  He gave me a prescription in the event of pain.  By the time I arrived home the area was beginning to throb.  I took two aspirin and a nap.  When I awoke from the nap, the throbbing had stopped and there was no more pain or discomfort after that.  I did not have the prescription filled.  That evening Dr. Anderson even called me at home to check on me.

Subsequently, a periodontist's cat scan of my mouth confirmed Dr. Anderson's suspicion about that other tooth.  Dr. Anderson performed a second root canal on February 4, 2013.  My experience was as positive as the first root canal; actually, it was more positive.  After I left his office I went to the library, did some laundry at a laundromat, stopped at a pet store, went grocery shopping, then went home.  As the local anesthetic wore off there was absolutely no throbbing, no pain, and no discomfort of any kind.  As with the first root canal, I did not have the pain prescription filled.  Again that evening Dr. Anderson called me at home to check on me.

I was impressed with Dr. Anderson's orientation to patient education, his skill, and his professional yet caring manner.  Because of these two experiences, my confidence in Dr. Anderson is ABSOLUTE!  I recommend him and his staff to anyone reading this, and in the future I will recommend him to any friends and family needing an endodontic intervention.  Thank you Dr. Anderson.

C. Pace
Los Angeles, CA

"If you need (or think you may need) a root canal, you're probably not very happy. In fact, you're probably stressed out, scared and may want to cry.
Dr. Anderson, on top of being a technically skilled endodontist, really understands patients anxieties. He is extremely throrough, asks lots of questions and makes sure you feel comfortable. He was also available 24/7 via a messaging service in case I had any concerns. He also is great about following up after the fact. I came in wanting to bawl my eyes out, and left feeling totally at ease.  As for technical capabilities, I had my original root canal botched my a general dentist. It was a complicated case, but Dr. Anderson was able to fix the previous work and I have had no problems since. I would strongly recommend going to a specialist (endodontist) rather than a general dentist if you need a root canal for this very reason.

Root canals aren't fun, but they do serve an important purpose - saving your tooth!  You will be in good hands with Dr. Anderson."

E. N.
Santa Monica, CA

Solid endodontist.  Excellent technique, confident, good result.  Fine "chairside" manner.  Attentive followup.  Century City location can be a hassle, but that's L.A.

S. Greenberg
Santa Monica, CA  

First class care from beginning to end. Dr Anderson is a pro - and he is surrounded by great caring staff that complement him.  I had a problematic root canal job done - because the infection had spread into the jawbone by the time I saw him.  He did the work with professionalism and empathy, explaining every step along the way. I got calls regularly to ensure I was doing OK and much TLC at every opportunity.

S. Gerber
Century City, CA

My experience was nothing close to what I was expecting when I found out I needed a root canal. I was absolutely expecting it to be on par with water-boarding, but to my surprise it was nothing of the sort. I compare the procedure under your care to be similar to getting a modest filling, rather than something akin to the medieval torture I was anticipating. Thank  you for all of the practice and care you have taken to be able to do what you do so very well. 

K. Tibbels
North Hollywood, CA

I just want to express my gratitude for your gentle, caring and exceptional work with my root canal, as well as your willingness to accommodate the time constraints I was under.  I am ever so grateful that my doctor referred me to you.  I wish there were more doctors like you, who really provide personal care and go the extra mile for their patients.  I also wanted to commend your staff for their professionalism, warmth and sensitivity to your patient's needs.  Forever grateful.

V. Diaz
Cincinnati, OH

Many thanks for fitting me in to your busy schedule to attend to my urgent root canal treatment. I really appreciated your professional approach to my problem and the careful way you described what I should do about it and how to go about it.  Plus your post treatment phone calls were reassuring to me.  Some ‘local’ knowledge, which you and your staff presented, helped to alleviate any stress I was feeling.  I was impressed with all of your techniques, especially your injections, which were really pain free!  

Plus your staff are equally adept and enthusiastic about helping patients and giving information when requested.  All resulting in a marvelous, professional experience.  

P. Eade
West Hollywood, CA

My tooth is great!  You have magic hands they work like miracles. 

G. Marthaler
Los Angeles, CA

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